Consider yourself warned.

This blog’s main purpose is so I can remember what I’ve actually read, listened to, heard about, or have on my mind. Yes, I’m that senile at 40 that without it, I am completely lost. I’ve got a crapload of maintenance posts coming on movies I never mentioned back in September when I saw them, and books I read in October and magazines I never bother to go through but am trying to clear out of my apartment before New Years guest arrivals. They’re just going to start popping up here like rabbit babies. They’re going to bore you to tears. But see, they’re for ME. So your boredom is, sadly for you, not much of a concern. Just letting you know! Ha!

Snip: Explained. (a.k.a. “How. To.”)

You can sort by category (listed in the right column on both the main snip AND category pages but not on individual entry archives or at least not until I get around to fixing that):

“Best of” is a monthly (and will be yearly) report mostly on what I liked, with random personal high & low lights for my own (lack of) memory’s sake.

“Currently” is what I’m reading/watching/listening to currently, whether I like it or not.

“Recommending” means something in that post is recommended, although not necessarily the subject piece.

” ” ” of the Day” could be ANYTHING.

If you only want to read movie (and a few TV) reviews, and not every mention of movies, pick category “Watchin.” (For any/every mention, pick “Flicks.”) (For any/every TV mention, pick “TVTVTV.”)

If you only want to read book reviews, and not every mention of books, pick “Readin.” (For any/every mention, pick “Books.”)

For everything music related, pick “Tunes.” For my opinions on (some) music, pick “Listenin’ ” (some sub categories will also appear, such as sounds like, lyrics, and albums, but others will NOT such as concert reviews). For only concert reviews, pick “Live.” Album reactions only pick “Albums” (although that’s fairly new so there isn’t that much there). “…SOUNDS LIKE…” and “Lyrics” are also music categories (self explanatory, no?).

Rags” is when I go through magazines and make notes to myself on books/movies/tunes to remember, etc.

Podcasts” don’t really get listened to anymore but maybe they will again.

Versus” only has one post right now, with four draft posts I’ve never finished. It’s your classic spy vs. spy situation.

Remember” are really notes to self. As are “Lit quotes” “Movie quotes” and “Food.”

Letters” are written by me, to people I have a beef with, generally.

Cha-Ching” reports on non-US change that somehow makes it into my change bucket.

Too Good to Delete” are a few old posts from when I used to write random personal things on this page. And generally “Lists” tend to be random personal factoids as well (or lists of things I don’t want to forget and can never figure out where I put them so now they stay here).

Anything else should be fairly self explanatory.