Oh me, Oh my.

I am actually so far behind on Snip book reviews (2.5 months about. give or take) that it’s making me CRAZY whenever I get home and see this big ole stack of books sitting here that to my insane OCD mind canNOT be put away until they’ve at least been acknowledged on the blog. So expect a lot of SHORT reviews coming. Soon.

Snip To-Dos [Updated: Halfway there!] DONE!

1) Eleven books read in December (from here to here) (whoops, forgot this one)
2) leftover December movie? (may skip) (here)
3) leftover December gig? (may skip)
4) December Albums bought (thankfully very few) here
5) December best of (here)
6) Year-end gigs/tunes (here)
7) Year-end flicks (here)
8) Year-end books (here)
9) Two movies in January (so far)
10) NineTen12 books in January (so far)
Looks like I’ve been doing a lot of reading and NOTHING else and since I’m actually busy trying to get some last minute stuff done this week over in the “real life”, it may be February before I even get started on this list. Just another thing to beat myself up over, you know I can’t have too many of those! Indeed, February it is.

Things to Look Forward to Next Week:

  • Finding out if I am still employed! Chances look about 80/20 I won’t be.
  • Reviews of the two AWESOME concerts I went to (semi) recently: Sea WolfGreat Lake Swimmers [I mean. Why do I keep doing that? I’m an idiot.] and Sam Phillips.
  • An update on Dad’s and my reading challenge through July and August.
  • Fresh TV so far! Yay! or Nay! Depending. 🙂

Things to Look at While I’m Gone:
  • I finally split my Flickr into two accounts (although sadly that meant losing all the comments on the crafty ones. ah well. bygones!) so I could upload a bunch of Chicago Quilt Show shots I had been holding out on. There you go! Someday all my stash shots will be up but that day is not today.
  • I wrote up a long ass cynical post about what I plan to be watching on TV this fall. Turns out “almost nothing new” would be the right answer.
  • Now that iTunes and NBC are holding hands again, hey you can rewatch all of BStarG Season 4 so far. Yay! 🙂

Later, dudes.

Three days (Fri, Sat, Sun) to Freedom.

Tonight: Great Lake Swimmers. Such a long time coming! Had tickets, but didn’t make it, in 2005 and 2006, had a conflict in 2007. [Have you heard Ongiara? Srlsy. You want to.]
Tomorrow: Hot Doug’s. Oh my. Duck fat fries. I said DUCK FAT FRIES. Oh yes.
Sunday: Secondary browsing location. a.k.a. Suckiness of the Suckiest Suck. But then….
Monday: FREEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. For two weeks anyway.
First week: Athens and the Twins and Hotlanta and my Future Husband. Rock. Stars. It’s all going to happen. You’ll wish you were there.
Second week: I move no further from the couch than it takes to get a beer or maybe open a new DVD. Srlsy. NO FURTHER. You will also wish you were there. Buy a ticket to Chicago and you can be. I mean, if I like you enough to crawl all the way to the front door. It could happen. Depends. You might want to check before you buy the ticket. 🙂

Snip To Dos [Half Done][as done as it’ll ever be!!] a.k.a. Personal Barriers Against Senility (How else will I remember?)

  • Write up April and May books (holy frakkin hell, I’ve read 11 books since the last one I posted about. FRAK.) (from here to here (and all the posts between) and now I’m all caught up)
  • Write up remaining May April gigs (and onetwo from June May) (here, here, here and here)
  • Entire FamilyReaction on Iron Man (Bonus MomReaction! Extremely rare!). Last year I went to 57 movies. This year so far = only 10. WTF? And, hello, how sad. (here and a bonus movie here)
  • April Best of (hello when was April again?) (here)
  • New Currently (here)
  • March albums (here)
  • Current favorite tunes [was I kidding with this one? WHATEVA.]

Ridiculously Long “Current” To-Do List. [Updated] [Mostly done!]