Snip To Dos [Half Done][as done as it’ll ever be!!] a.k.a. Personal Barriers Against Senility (How else will I remember?)

  • Write up April and May books (holy frakkin hell, I’ve read 11 books since the last one I posted about. FRAK.) (from here to here (and all the posts between) and now I’m all caught up)
  • Write up remaining May April gigs (and onetwo from June May) (here, here, here and here)
  • Entire FamilyReaction on Iron Man (Bonus MomReaction! Extremely rare!). Last year I went to 57 movies. This year so far = only 10. WTF? And, hello, how sad. (here and a bonus movie here)
  • April Best of (hello when was April again?) (here)
  • New Currently (here)
  • March albums (here)
  • Current favorite tunes [was I kidding with this one? WHATEVA.]