Things to Look Forward to Next Week:

  • Finding out if I am still employed! Chances look about 80/20 I won’t be.
  • Reviews of the two AWESOME concerts I went to (semi) recently: Sea WolfGreat Lake Swimmers [I mean. Why do I keep doing that? I’m an idiot.] and Sam Phillips.
  • An update on Dad’s and my reading challenge through July and August.
  • Fresh TV so far! Yay! or Nay! Depending. 🙂

Things to Look at While I’m Gone:
  • I finally split my Flickr into two accounts (although sadly that meant losing all the comments on the crafty ones. ah well. bygones!) so I could upload a bunch of Chicago Quilt Show shots I had been holding out on. There you go! Someday all my stash shots will be up but that day is not today.
  • I wrote up a long ass cynical post about what I plan to be watching on TV this fall. Turns out “almost nothing new” would be the right answer.
  • Now that iTunes and NBC are holding hands again, hey you can rewatch all of BStarG Season 4 so far. Yay! 🙂

Later, dudes.

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