Snip To-Dos [Updated: Halfway there!] DONE!

1) Eleven books read in December (from here to here) (whoops, forgot this one)
2) leftover December movie? (may skip) (here)
3) leftover December gig? (may skip)
4) December Albums bought (thankfully very few) here
5) December best of (here)
6) Year-end gigs/tunes (here)
7) Year-end flicks (here)
8) Year-end books (here)
9) Two movies in January (so far)
10) NineTen12 books in January (so far)
Looks like I’ve been doing a lot of reading and NOTHING else and since I’m actually busy trying to get some last minute stuff done this week over in the “real life”, it may be February before I even get started on this list. Just another thing to beat myself up over, you know I can’t have too many of those! Indeed, February it is.

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