Words I Had to Look Up While Reading This Fabulous Novel.

Go read this: “The Angel of History” by Rabih Alameddine. (Here’s a review if you want a synopsis.) My dad introduced me to this author last year (with his novel “An Unnecessary Woman”) and then I just happened across this new(er) novel in the library on Saturday. It was So!GOOD! And so literate and compelling.

  • caisson = a large watertight chamber; a chest or wagon
  • chelonian = basically turtle-esque
  • jellabiya = traditional Egyptian garment
  • dithyrambic = a frenzied impassioned hymn and dance; an irregular poetic expression; a wildly enthusiastic speech or piece of writing
  • rachitic = rickety; like having a inflammed spine
  • recrudescent = revival of material; recurrence of symptoms; renewal
  • inanition = exhaustion; lack of mental or spiritual vigor
  • cephalore = a saint who is generally depicted carrying their own head

Cephalore was my favorite. 🙂 Inanition I do feel like I should have already known, heh.

I was also really proud of myself for picking up on random literary/musical references:

  • “I couldn’t write, I couldn’t write, stop all the clocks, poetry has gone and left me…” (W.H. Auden reference, a poem I JUST taught my students!).
  • “Hope might be the thing with feathers but in the Middle East we hunt those birds for sport. (Dickinson)
  • “I sound like a Miles Davis trumpet, like a Bach partita, no, wait, a Bendel bonnet, a Shakespeare sonnet, whereas you’re a worthless check, a total wreck, a flop, but baby, if you’re the bottom, I’m the top.” (Cole Porter)
  • “Do you understand me now, Satan said, when things go wrong I seem to be bad, I”m just a soul whose intentions are good, oh lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.” (Nina Simone, et al.)

(I’m sure there were more I didn’t notice!!)

Potential Names Discussed Tonight for the Baby-Boy-To-Be

  • Galway
  • Wolf
  • Jasper
  • Oliver (pls sir, can I have another)
  • Hubcap (That’s right, ma’am. H-u-b hub, c-a-p cap. Hubcap.)
  • Cowboy
  • Hoyt
  • Thorsten
  • Jefferson
  • Plum Dandy
  • Miles
  • Django

But the #1 name of the evening? Just rolled right off my tongue mid-sentence:
  • Riverbone.

Oh yeah, baby. There wasn’t a last or middle name that Riverbone wasn’t able to mesh with. This was followed by lots of hysterical laughter and then a suggestion of “Floor Pie” (not by me) due to some visuals at Old Town. I guess you had to be there.
(No, no, no. Not MY baby boy to be. Cripes, people. Settle.)

Who writes the ads for Spike TV?

A couple weeks ago I was watching a crapload of CSI reruns so I basically had at least three hours of SpikeTV on every day and they were promoting their big week-end showings of Star Wars. The ads really cracked me up.
I can’t remember, was this one said in a Yoda voice?: Being a bad guy isn’t bad. There is much to be learned.
Han and Leia: If your sister hangs out with your friends, eventually one of them is going to hook up with her.
Too funny!