Potential Names Discussed Tonight for the Baby-Boy-To-Be

  • Galway
  • Wolf
  • Jasper
  • Oliver (pls sir, can I have another)
  • Hubcap (That’s right, ma’am. H-u-b hub, c-a-p cap. Hubcap.)
  • Cowboy
  • Hoyt
  • Thorsten
  • Jefferson
  • Plum Dandy
  • Miles
  • Django

But the #1 name of the evening? Just rolled right off my tongue mid-sentence:
  • Riverbone.

Oh yeah, baby. There wasn’t a last or middle name that Riverbone wasn’t able to mesh with. This was followed by lots of hysterical laughter and then a suggestion of “Floor Pie” (not by me) due to some visuals at Old Town. I guess you had to be there.
(No, no, no. Not MY baby boy to be. Cripes, people. Settle.)

Who writes the ads for Spike TV?

A couple weeks ago I was watching a crapload of CSI reruns so I basically had at least three hours of SpikeTV on every day and they were promoting their big week-end showings of Star Wars. The ads really cracked me up.
I can’t remember, was this one said in a Yoda voice?: Being a bad guy isn’t bad. There is much to be learned.
Han and Leia: If your sister hangs out with your friends, eventually one of them is going to hook up with her.
Too funny!


It is always amusing in French class to watch the “I know too much to look up these words” people get tripped up by what we call *”false cognates” en anglais. I’m hoping for such tonight as one of our vocab words is décevant. Deceiving? No. Disappointing.

I, as you must have known, am an anal-looker-upper. Even when I know that I already know the word in question. I’m always checking to make sure there isn’t also an idiomatic definition I don’t know about. I waste a lot of time that way. But time…well, that’s in surfeit over here.