It is always amusing in French class to watch the “I know too much to look up these words” people get tripped up by what we call *”false cognates” en anglais. I’m hoping for such tonight as one of our vocab words is d├ęcevant. Deceiving? No. Disappointing.

I, as you must have known, am an anal-looker-upper. Even when I know that I already know the word in question. I’m always checking to make sure there isn’t also an idiomatic definition I don’t know about. I waste a lot of time that way. But time…well, that’s in surfeit over here.

Truth in Advertising.

While I most definitely am not a Sox fan (hello. CUBS.), I do find some of their new El advertisements really hilarious. Like this one:

We haven’t won a championship in, like…months.

Hilarious, no? On the other hand, I am not a fan of the new Illinois donor ads that say “I am going to save a life, are you?” Um hello but you are not necessarily saving a life by signing up to be an organ donor. Sure, IF you get in some crazy accident that kills you BUT leaves all your organs intact, your organs MIGHT save someone’s life. But there’s a lot of other possibilities for your death that do not leave you either a good donor or saving someone’s life.

Open Letter to The Shins

Dear Goofy Albuquerque/Now Living in Portland Boys,
You need to fire the copyeditor/proofreader of your liner notes. Seriously. And James Mercer, if it’s you…you’re smarter than this.
“Reign” = what a king or queen does. i.e. “rule”
“Rein” = the leather stringy bits that you pull back on to slow down a horse, or a fast situation, or what have you.
When you sing, in Turn on Me “You always had to hold the reigns“, you mean reins.
Still love you, but come on, that’s an easy one,
smooches, CMS

Common Crossword Clues.

Common to all crosswords:
Med. school class = ANAT
otherwise = ELSE
fencer’s foil = EPEE
Scottish gaelic = ERSE
Ireland = EIRE
PC key = ESC

Particularly common to Chicago Tribune/Red Eye crossword:
lotion additive = ALOE
false god = IDOL
exist = ARE
picnic pests = ANTS
male red deer = HART
agenda topic = ITEM
hymn ending = AMEN
Chanel’s nickname = COCO

Un nouveau mot.

1) of, relating to, or affected with sclerosis.
2) grown rigid or unresponsive with age (~institutions).

Thanks, Salon, j’aime beaucoup apprendre des nouveaux mots.