Album: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin “Pershing”

So when I wrote my April album reviews (in June, of course,when everyone was writing reviews of albums they bought in April, ha ha ha ha), I had only listened to this album once, maybe not even all the way through.
Um, hello, what was I thinking? It’s upbeat and lots of fun and some of it’s really pretty and it turns out for a slow-ass not really running when she’s “running” runner like me, it’s the perfect running music! Not so insistently rhythmic that you find yourself running to its beat, but peppy enough to keep you going.
I *love* especially “Heers” which reminds me of what Josh Rouse sounds like live (but not what he sounds like on his albums, which are much, let’s say, calmer).
I’m 90% sure I bought this based on a review on Andrew Taylor Recommends although I am far too lazy to go looking for it right now. I don’t know the dude but I am totally into his “random posts about everything” type of site and I will mention that he recently reviewed some Cinnamon Buns icecream that I am dying to try, and he has also done some Mt. Dew taste tests and you know how I feel about the Dew. Don’t you? Do you know how JenG. feels about the Dew? Or AmandaJean? Oh, the Dew.