Albums: Sometimes you’re UP and sometimes DOWN

Upbeat music that is making me happy:
The Kills “Midnight Boom” – I don’t know if you can call this punk (in this day and age) but it certainly has punk sensibilities to my mind. Digital and dirty and demanding. Lots of beats. While there is humor in some of the lyrics, this isn’t a fun and games album, they’re kickin’ it. I love the male/female back and forth vocals (as you should know I do already, from say this or this or this). I want you to be crazy because you’re boring baby when you’re straight.
The Fratellis “Here We Stand” – Yay! These guys are so much fun! I loved their last album and loved their crazy high-energy but super (ridiculously) early in the day set at Lollapalooza (they so brought it ) and this album is a solid continuation of them doing their thing. Woot! Dear world’s biggest Beatles fan Ms. Shrinking Smartgrrrl, I think you would like this.
Low-key music that was making me too sad to listen to it:
Shearwater “Rook” – Along the lines of Fleet Foxes or Sea Wolf, musically, (or a combination of them with Band of Horses), but somehow the mood and the tones were just so, so, so sad, I actually had to fast forward past it…Only to arrive at:
Jakob Dylan “Seeing Things” – I tend to like The Wallflowers more than most critics, maybe because they’re just sort of “straight up” rock with no pop or alternative pretensions and also because I do not spend all my time comparing children to their parents (Boh-Ring!), but this album was just bringing me down, man. Sad and slow, with very melancholy lyrics. Not the sensibility of The Wallflowers at all, which is fine, it is a solo album afterall; but it felt almost dirge-like. I had to say goodbye for the day and fast forward past it as well! Maybe when I am in a different mood, I will try again.

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