Fiction: Iodine, by Haven Kimmel

If there is one author I would want to be, if I were an author, it would be Haven Kimmel. I’ve read and loved her previous novels (here and posts from June 26, 2004 and April 13, 2004 on this page) AND her nonfiction/memoirs (here and the post from April 24, 2005 on this page). When I saw a new Kimmel in the window of the bookstore on the way home, there was no question I was stopping to buy it, regardless of my many grocery bags.

This one is a bit darker than you may be expecting. While her lead characters are often girls in crisis…generally they are girls finding a way out of it. This book is about a girl who may not even know she’s in it. But we the reader certainly do.

While Trace and her haphazard life sucked me in just as powerfully as Kimmel’s other characters have in the past, this was a more distressing read and a very intense one. Academically somewhat dense, with rampant literary “nods”, and mentally unsettling.
If you liked Sharp Objects or My Sister’s Continent (April 16, 2006 on this page), I think you will find a way in to this book. But it may be a tough read for the faint of heart.

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