Fiction: Sway, by Zachary Lazar

A fictionalized account of a number of non-fiction events. There’s a) the Rolling Stones in their drug heydays, with Brian Jones falling off the deep end, a fan getting murdered at Altmont, and a trip to Marrakech; b) Charles Manson and his groupies beginning their swath of murders; and c) Kenneth Anger, whose psychedelic filmmaking forces the groups to intersect and ties the two stories together.
Really creative premise. Very effective blend of fact and fiction. I didn’t love all of it. I liked the Stones-centric chapters a lot better than the others. And I particularly enjoyed Lazar’s handling of Anita and Keith’s “characters”, and the vivid candlelit interactions as the group circles ’round each other during the trip to Morocco.
A very interesting read.

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