English Folk Night at the Bottom Lounge.

We/Or/Me – Didn’t like these guys. Too slow and depressing and totally slit your wrists to music. Whoops, did I say that out loud? Musically I’m sure they were fine. It was just way too mellow for me at that moment. We retired to the outer bar and the photobooth to pep ourselves back up.
Mumford & Sons – If you’ve been reading, then you must already know I absolutely LOVED these guys. Lead has a very distinctive voice, band sports unusual instruments, lots of harmonies and earnestness. They put on a great show, I am completely obsessed with a few of their only five tunes I’ve been able to get recordings of so far (this one), and I would highly recommend them should they stop by your town.
Laura Marling – She has an interesting voice but I wasn’t really feelin’ it.
Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit – Liked these guys. Certainly the most “rock” folk of the evening and a slightly more polished set than the others (not that polish is always a good thing, but they stood out as seemingly a more experienced touring band). But almost more entertaining than the music was watching members of the previous bands dancing in the audience. Clearly they are all having a great time touring together.

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