Live at Monolith

So Monolith has become (by far) my favorite music festival, after several years going to both Lollapalooza and Pitchfork. Since it takes place in a place actually intended for music, rather than a random field, it has a) real bathrooms and b) built-in SEATING for the main stage (yes, seating, can you believe it) and c) NO DIRT and those are just three of the many reasons it was more pleasant.

Also instead of getting up early and staying out late and going to see 900 bands a day, we were big time lazybones, didn’t show up until post noon, heard a few bands, and then went home to hot tubs and good beer and pizza and Wii and board games and puppy kisses and time with friends. Ah. Sweet.

Friday (9/13):

Cut Copy – Yay! So upbeat and fun. These guys got the crowd moving, crazy dancing times. People were INTO it, big time, and it was super early.

The Fratellis – Surprisingly, even though I think they are just as good as Cut Copy (and have more material), the crowd didn’t seem engaged. They still sounded good, to me, but something was missing between them and the audience.

Vampire Weekend – Really, I am not a fan of this band. I guess I just don’t get why people listen to their pale imitation rather than say the actual African bands they are mimicking and/or stealing from depending on your point of view. One of my frequent partners in concertgoing crime in Chicago is an Anthro PhD who has spent beaucoup de temps in Africa and this is a HUGE pet peeve for her. Anyway, I am not a real fan, not planning to buy their album…. but they DID put on a pretty good show. Good stage banter, crowd was into it. It was a pleasant hour of the afternoon….

[And then we went home! See, I told you, totally lazy “we’ll see a few bands and then we’ll relax”! It was awesome!]

Saturday (9/14):

The Avett Brothers – Yay yay yay!!! I couldn’t wait to see these guys, they were one of my main reasons for wanting to go. And did they ever bring it. So much energy on stage, just pouring everything they have into it. Sounded great. I even stood up and danced! Can you believe it! *

The Kills – They were late going onstage and it seemed like maybe it was a sound or wiring issue or something? The band seemed annoyed / made comments to the crowd about us being nicer than the people who worked there or something? But they still sounded great. Not as upbeat as their set at Lollapalooza, but really rocking out. I dug it.

Band of Horses – Wowza. This was a completely magical set. They came onstage right as darkness really settled in and the stage lights went purple and the music was spooky and ethereal and lilting through the crowd and I almost started crying just over the beauty of it all. Lovely.

[And then we went home!]

*Oh, you have not seen me at concerts? Yeah, I dance more in my own apartment than ever at a concert. At concerts I am very intent. On the listening part. I might move my knees. Generally that is it. See, I am shorter than everyone and oftentimes I find I have to really concentrate to be able to hear over the annoying people talking who are all taller than me and thus their mouths are right above my ears and they are inhibiting the my being able to hear the music part of the concert which is generally the whole reason I went.

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