Good Mood Song of the Weekend

It’s amazing, it’s amazing.
All that you can do.
It’s amazing, makes my heart sing,
Now it’s up to you.

And I know, ’cause I’ve been there before
Knocking down the doors
Won’t take no for an answer
And you’ll see, ’cause if it’s meant to be
Nothing can compare to deserving your dreams
It’s amazing, it’s amazing
All that you can do
It’s amazing, makes my heart sing
Now it’s up to you…

Jem “It’s Amazing” (from new album Down to Earth*)

Is it just something about the word “amaze”?? Because My Morning Jacket “I’m Amazed” is also an awesome song. (And then there’s Jem’s cover of what I believe is a Paul McCartney song “Maybe I’m Amazed.” Also: Awesome.)

*In addition to this song in particular, I really like this entire album. Although musically a lot of it sounds more like a remix album. Not her normal backdrop. But good. Nice contrast with the vocals.

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