Big Screen: Hump Day

A “straight and narrow” dude and his wife are paid a visit by his wildchild former college roommate. Of course Mr. S&N finds himself seduced by the wild side (again, presumably) and the weekend turns into a crazy dare situation based on a festival of amateur porn films that others plan to enter: “we should make a gay porno together. and the reason it’ll be awesome…is because we’re not gay!”

Some of it was funny and some of it was sad; some of it felt true and some of it felt fake. Overall, I’d say there were too many disconnects that weren’t solved.

The director was there for Q&A after the flick. It was interesting to here how little scripted the movie was / sounds like her process if mostly giving the actors free rein “here is what your character is about, now what do you think he would say in this situation?”. Of course, the fact that the director referred to “Zach & Miri Make a Porno” sarcastically pissed me off (she obviously did not “get” Zach & Miri”). I guess she was reacting to being compared to Z&M and not enjoying that fact.

Z&M is a better flick in my opinion.

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