August Album Reviews

I realize I am ridiculously behind but for some inexplicable reason I am determined to catch Snip up to speed rather than just skipping ahead. And hey look, another month where I barely bought any tunes! WEIRD!

Absolutely Love & Adore:

Damien Rice “Live at Fingerprints: Warts and All” – This dude really needs to put out an album of fresh material (he talks on here about how he thought he might never finish another record…Nooooooooooo). But these are nice arrangements and I could (do) listen to his previous stuff all the time. I just want MORE. 😉

Favorite Singles (not on any of the above albums):

  • “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want” She & Him – from the 500 Days of Summer sdtrk
  • “Shining Down” Lupe Fiasco & Matthew Santos – LOVE!!
  • “Run This Town” Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye

Not really for me / but maybe for you!:

Horehound “Dead Weather” – I am a fan of almost everything Jack White does, and I bet this band is awesome live, but I just can’t get into this album.

Shamefully have either not listened to at all, or not all the way through, or so few times that I can’t legitimately offer an opinion:
I downloaded the free Nylon Magazine August mix…but I’ve never listened to it. Whoops.

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