Best of August

The best movie I saw in August was a tie between District 9 (fantastic!) and Inglourious Basterds (exhilarating!).

The best book I read in August was White Time by Margo Lanagan, followed closely by a pair of wolf books by Patricia Briggs. Wow, those are two authors I just love. You may note there are a few reads on that list from August that I’m just not even bothering to write up, mostly continuations of trade paperback mystery series. Bygones. A girl’s gotta get caught up somehow.

The best gig I went to in August was The Knux‘ set at Lollapalooza. But, as with the rest of the year, there just hasn’t been any real competition in this category. I read a LOT this year but I did not go to many shows.

My favorite tunes in August were… Damien Rice, apparently. I was mostly running around doing stuff like a crazy lady in August and not doing much listening.

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