Big Screen: Bridesmaids


It’s true, I AM the only person in America who didn’t find this movie hysterically awesome.*

Yes, it WAS funny. Sometimes painfully so (as in laughing so hard your cheekbones hurt).

It was also really, really, REALLY STUPID and I think they made some really bad choices that made the movie nearly unwatchable to me (although, as I said, NO ONE ELSE seemed to mind at all). For example, I would have cut Every Single Thing to do with her roommates and living situation. None of those scenes were a) at all funny (gawd no) or b) at all connected to the “plot” such as it is.

Also: the only one way in which this is “Bridesmaids” plural is by including the other really dumb things like the “we all get food poisoning and puke/vomit/diarrhea into the dresses we are trying on” ridiculousness. This movie is really only about the one bridesmaid and I think eliminating all that stupidity would have been a better choice as well.

Sure, Jon Hamm and Melissa McCarthy were very good in their (unusual for them) roles. But both those roles really seemed like sketch comedy add-ons. Let’s throw in a really crass icky guy! Let’s have one of the girls be all butch and nasty but really have deep insights! That sounds good! (It was amazing they could make McCarthy look that unappealing, though, wasn’t it? She’s really quite a pretty girl.)

I have been listening to the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcasts lately and I was just SO disappointed to hear Linda Holmes talking about how this is a movie that finally shows how she and her friends actually relate! That girls have inside jokes just as much as boys do! Really? THIS is the movie where you see that? I saw a movie where girls only relate to each other when they are talking about their relationships with boys.

I was not a fan. But given how the rest of the world feels about this? You probably will be.

*Actually a couple people I talked to this weekend also said they found a lot of it disappointing. But that was a month after I had seen this movie and been the only one with a negative opinion so far. So for the sake of this review, that conversation hasn’t happened yet. 😉

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