Big Screen: Certified Copy


I saw a review of this on Ebert Presents (my new addiction, thanks Dad!) and HAD to see it.
Juliet Binoche is really fantastic in it. Her emotions are so on the surface that there are parts where you find yourself cringing, but it’s fantastically played.

There was some discussion in the Ebert Presents review of whether you believe the conceit of the movie, or how you choose to interpret it: 1) are they meeting for the first time? Or 2) are they actually married and playing a “we just met” game in order to have a conversation about the state of their relationship?

T. and I both agreed it HAS to be #2. Has to be. If it’s #1, her character is completely insane. And we’d prefer not to think that, as it’s so, so, so well played.

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