Big Screen: Red State

Oh oh oh oh !!!! Oh, Kevin Smith fans, this movie is SO GREAT. You are going to LOVE IT when it comes out…in September? I think. Or October. It’s So.So.SO!! Good.

And non-Kevin Smith fans? This is an outstanding movie about a very topical issue. Seriously. I know that’s not what you’re expecting but it’s true.

I took a friend to see Kevin Smith live last year (or whenever, I don’t seem to have reviewed it here) and he returned the favor by taking me to this screening.

I really thought this was fantastic. Tightly edited, well-written, keeps you engaged and intrigued and worried…. John Goodman is fantastic. The creepy kid (you may know him as Cassidy from Veronica Mars) is fantastic. The directing is wonderful.

Smith is only going to make one more movie after this (seriously, that’s it) and when you see him talk (he did a Q&A after this) he is SO beyond self-deprecating about his skills as a director. He’s wrong, really wrong, and that’s too bad.

See this when you can. It’s well worth the $$.

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