Hunger Games, the movie!

I swear I will be back sometime within the week to talk about how I felt about this movie, but in the meantime I’m going to post something I meant to post last week before it opened:

If you’re interested in seeing it AND HAVE READ THE BOOK (b/c these might be spoilery if not), I would encourage you to read Kristin Cashore’s post on the series overall. (Kristin Cashore = the author of Graceling and Fire, two books I loved as much as I loved the Hunger Games books!!!) I really love what she has to say PARTICULARLY what she has to say about Katniss’ ultimate choice (or decision). I’m SO TIRED of hearing people whine about the third book and how they feel Katniss becomes too Bella-like (passive) in it and I think that paragraph really touches on how that isn’t true.

I would also recommend the MonkeySee review of the movie which has a number of good points.

(My long-ago brief comments on the HG books are here and here. I reread book 1 before going to the movie on Sunday and I’m glad I did as I was remembering things more as a whole and it was nice to just think about things from the beginning again.)

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