Big Screen: Friends with Kids

Since you already know, I detested Bridesmaids, you must not be surprised to hear I equally detested this?

Part of it was my fault, though: I went to this movie wanting to see a movie about someone like, say, Ben Wyatt, that sweet adorable man from Parks & Rec (played by Adam Scott, of course). I did not go to it wanting to see Adam Scott play a crass jerk. So basically I was bound to not be a fan based on my own expectations.

Yes, the dinner party scene was some wonderful writing and outstanding acting. But what resulted from that scene really should have been very different, in my opinion. So I do blame the movie for some of my disappointment. Heh.

I hate hate hate hate the crass response of the last line of the film so so so so much. Blech.

This whole “women can be crass too! SEE! SEE HOW CRASS WE CAN BE!” movement is SO not what I want to see at the movies. OR ANYWHERE. (And FYI unlike much of the world, I hate the boy versions of those movies just as much. Yuck.)

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