Big Screen: Skyfall (Bond)

Loved every minute of it!

I wish some of the really smart and thoughtful movies/directors had the same budgets to work with as the Bond people because between fight scenes and explosions and the occasional makeout, there is some gorgeous cinematography.* But instead it’s used on a Bond film which no matter how much I enjoyed it is still just a Bond film.

I liked how they both explored deep back story here as well as laying the grounds for future story. I liked how Bond started out defeated and broken. And, you know, he did take his shirt off a few times.

Javier Bardem has always played creepy just fine. He is even creepier here with the crazy blonde hair. GAAAAHHHHHHH.

*If this movie doesn’t make you want to move to the Scottish moors and live alone surrounded by fog and rock, then you are a cold soul.

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