Gorgeous art you can gaze at on your couch or on the bus.

Saga is a wonderful, adult comic that I am currently completely freaking out over. The graphic novel compilation of issues 1-6 came out in October SO GO GET IT NOW. Issue 7 comes out in November (right now). It’s SO GOOD. The story is total sci-fi fantasy gloriousness and the art is amazeballoons.

Here are a couple cool interviews about it: 1) with Brian Vaughan (creator/writer) and 2) another with Fiona Staples, the artist (the art is BREATHTAKINGLY AWESOME).

And speaking of awesome art, this version of Little Red Riding Hood, illustrated by Daniel Egnéus is also incredibly stunning. Modern, operatic, and cerebral. My students weren’t that into it, but I was blown away. (More here as well.)

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