What’s playing on my iPod, in my head, and in my living room.

Wow I have not written about music on this site in a long long long time. That’s too bad but hey here are some recommendations.

Kishi Bashi “151A” = Super fun and poppy yet has that indie twist to it. Unexpected, yet won’t ever leave your head once you’ve heard it. (I did mention this one back in June if you were here then.)

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “The Heist” = memorable enough just for “Same Love” a fantastic song but honestly most of the rest of the album (I think there’s one song I forward past, just one) is really great as well. Super lyrics, super beats. If you like rap, you need this.

Lord Huron “Lonesome Dreams” = I will be forever and ever grateful to the friend who sent me this. It’s So Good. A little Great Lake Swimmers, a little Band of Horses, a lot of its own special magicness. I really love it.


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