Modern indie sewing patterns.

Sewaholic – The two Renfrews I made (so far) were so easy and so much better fitting with less adjusting than anything I’ve made from commercial patterns since really developing more of a figure than the stick straight skinny girl who sewed for herself in high school and college. I want to make LOTS more of her stuff!

Grainline Studio – I have the fabric picked out for a few woven Ts and I’m really intrigued by Archer especially after she posted so many photos and videos in a sewalong on her blog.

Hot Patterns – I should make the pattern I already bought from them before buying more but there are so many I’m intrigued by.

Victory Patterns – A bit retro and somewhat goofy but I do look forward to making this. When I get back to having time to sew. The month of July, I guess.

Sew Liberated – Kinda obsessed with the Esme top these days. And I want an Ashland dress as well.

Make It Perfect – I’m obsessed with the waterfall blouse and the poppy tunic. And I’m pretty sure I bought that versatile wrap skirt pattern at a fabric store in Chicago a long time ago.

Megan Nielsen – Where you find the ubiquitous Darling Ranges dress. None of her patterns seem quite me yet but I like to keep an eye on them.

Colette – As with Megan Nielsen, I’ve yet to see a Colette pattern that really rang my bell, but I did buy the Laurel shift one as I’m somehow still convinced that a hippy curvy person like me will somehow find a shift she likes. Not sure why I still believe that.

Made by Rae – Mostly kid patterns but when she does do adult stuff I really like it. I mean I like the look of the pattern, so far the one I’ve made I don’t wear much.

Jamie Christina – I want that raglan lo-hi hoodie with a little less differential between lo and hi.

April Rhodes – I bought this pattern recently but I don’t think she’s developed anything else yet.

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