Things I Love Right Now

I love the new NPR blog Code Switch*, so timely considering I just started talking to my third graders about this concept when, for example, I correct their grammar or we edit their writing to change “u” to “you” and “cus” to “because”. I particularly love these two (one, two) introductory entries on the blog.

I love this standardized test about standardized tests created by an eighth grader. I even shared it with my principal!

I love (or plan to love in the future) the Digital Public Library of America which I read about here and here.

I love this book I started reading today *coughcough* after buying it on the way to the library *coughcough*. Time travel! Secret societies! Romance! What’s not to love.

I love this timeline for Shane Carruth’s movie Primer and this article about his new movie Upstream Color–a movie which makes Tree of Life look like a linear plot-driven mundane piece of filmmaking.

I love my bahn mi place even if they are starting to be so busy that I have to wait a lot longer for my sandwich. Now that my pizza joint (I MISS YOU CHILI MAC’S!) is gone, when I die my body will be 75% water and 25% bahn mi.

*I was shocked to find out several of my colleagues were unfamiliar with the term. I think it’s imperative for teachers to talk to students about code-switching, especially in reference to the language of power in this country!

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