Latest (Food) Addiction

The Loaded (LOADED!) Baked Potato Soup from Corner Bakery. It’s pretty hefty calorie-wise, as far as soups go with 420 (!!) for a small and 650 (!!!!!!) for a large. [I mean, your typical soup from Au Bon Pain is generally only 200-300 calories tops in the small size, and often only that in the large size.] It’s got cheese and green onions (or chives?) piled on top and it’s full of chunks and skins and is soooo hearty and good. I’ve had it three days running and I know my weekend will be bereft without it.

Best Late-Night Burrito EVER.

On Ashland, just south of Division (less than a block), there are THREE places called La Pasadita. Apparently they are owned by three different brothers. They all have a very similar dive-y look.

You want the side of the street with two (the west side) and you want to go to the one that’s further south, and you want to order the steak burrito (and then if you’re me you want to have someone with you to split it with because it is GINORMOUS and you’ve already had way too many calories of beer before you got there anyway) and then you are ready to die and go to heaven because you’ve just had the best burrito of your life.

p.s. this was the second time this burrito has blown my mind. I had to make sure the first time wasn’t just a drunken fantasy before I recommended it. oh my buddha, it was even better the second time.

Who’s going to Tulsa with me?

And how hard are you laughing that I am actually pricing flights there just to go to a fish restaurant?

White River Fish Market, 1708 North Sheridan Road, Tulsa, OK 918-835-1910

Recommended with a full page article in the March issue of Gourmet. It sounds A LOT like a great brisket place Ginger once took me to on the outskirts of San Antonio somewhere (I should find this out, no? Doh!). And by “great’, I mean, the most amazing meal I’ve ever had included creamed corn made with REAL CREAM.

Obviously this place may not have creamed corn, but apparently they have fried onion rings, gumbo, cornmeal hush puppies, and buttermilk pie (hello!). You walk in, pick your fish, and say “fried, broiled or grilled.” And that’s it.

Sounds delish!!