Best Twitter Ever

How does one choose a Battlestar call sign, really? I’m thinking Schmoo, but does that really communicate my abilities as a viper pilot?
(not written by me / but there’s an obvious clue if you also know this person!)

Quote of the Night and perhaps THE CENTURY!

Said by my Dad, to my Mom, in the midst of reporting to her about how AWESOME Battlestar Galactica is (he’s halfway through season 1, disc 1 (the mini-series), he had to hang up to get back to it but called me midway through to rave), which he just started as I sent him all the discs as an early Birthday present:
Carolyn is the one kid in a million who actually paid off.
Hello, I WIN. 😉 And yay, Dad is loving BSG too. Someone else to share the obsession. Yay!

Five Things.

Three great pleasures in life: Music, Food, Sex.
-Anthony Bourdain*
Two certainties: Death, Taxes.
-Benjamin Franklin
*Listened to Bourdain’s appearance on the 1/27/08 SoundOpinions podcast while I walked home. Very entertaining. A favorite line (not an exact quote / I’m paraphrasing): you even show the appearance of enjoying Billy Joel’s music in my kitchen and you’re immediately fired.