A Surely Incomplete List of Chicago Photobooths

Old B&Ws (often broken):

  • Schuba’s (Southport & Belmont)
  • Empty Bottle (Western just south of Division)
  • Reckless Records (the Wicker Park one, on Milwaukee just south of North)
  • Double Door (round the Milwaukee/Damen corner from Reckless)

Old Color (and in the case of * =POLAROID!):

  • Sheffields (just north of Belmont on, wait for it, Sheffield)
  • Waveland Bowling Alley* (Western & Addison)

New B&W:

  • The Bottom Lounge (waaaay west on Lake)

New B&W/Sepia/Color:

  • Lucky Strike (Bowling Alley)(at the River East cinema)

Upcoming Albums to Buy in 2009

Jan 20: Bon Iver “Blood Bank” (EP)
Jan 27: Franz Ferdinand “Tonight”
Feb 3: Ben Kweller “Changing Horses”
Feb 3: Nous Non Plus “Menagerie”
Feb 17: Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit (self-titled)
Mar 3: U2 “No Line on the Horizon” (we’ll see if I actually buy this)
Mar 3: The Boy Least Likely To “The Law of the Playground”
Mar 24: The Decemberists “Hazards of Love”
Mar 31: Great Lake Swimmers “Lost Channels” (or just “Channels” acc. to some sites)

Timing of Annual Events.

Some of which I am not even going to again (Nipper, you know which one I mean), but I can never keep the timing straight.
April/May – 2nd Story Festival (Chitown)
May – MDS&W
July – Pitchfork (Chitown)
August – Lollapalooza (Chitown)
Aug/Sept – Dragon*Con
Sept – Monolith
Oct – Chicago marathon (No not for me to run)
Oct – Rhinebeck
Oct – Chicago Film Festival
Oct/Nov – Chicago Arts & Humanities Festival
Nov – NYC marathon (No not for me to run)

Best Twitter Ever

How does one choose a Battlestar call sign, really? I’m thinking Schmoo, but does that really communicate my abilities as a viper pilot?
(not written by me / but there’s an obvious clue if you also know this person!)

Quote of the Night and perhaps THE CENTURY!

Said by my Dad, to my Mom, in the midst of reporting to her about how AWESOME Battlestar Galactica is (he’s halfway through season 1, disc 1 (the mini-series), he had to hang up to get back to it but called me midway through to rave), which he just started as I sent him all the discs as an early Birthday present:
Carolyn is the one kid in a million who actually paid off.
Hello, I WIN. 😉 And yay, Dad is loving BSG too. Someone else to share the obsession. Yay!

Japan Minutiae

just a list of things and moments I want to remember…considering I’ve already forgotten lots of them… will be adding any that pop to mind (fingers crossed).

  • Qoo (pronounced “coo” like a dove), best juice drink ever.
  • Morning set (preferably with Hotdog!)
  • Green tea “milk” (latte)!
  • incredible vending machine proliferation
  • yes that gives you change for 100,000 yen ($100)
  • Pocari Sweat!
  • Calpis (swoon)
  • “winning” the toy at the arcade (thanks to the arcade manager who apparently really really wanted me to win and moved the toy into an “impossible to lose” position)
  • random shrine in the nishki market
  • Japanese boy scouts spotting Americans: “Hi! Hi! Hello!” (my reply, of course: “Konnichiwa!!” which made them giggle like crazy)
  • unbelievable proliferation of smoking. for a country obsessed with cleanliness…
  • no glitzy postcards. plenty of other trinkets to buy, but…
  • heated toilet seats
  • noisemakers attached to toilet seats
  • blue button = “for washing of the buttocks”
  • pink button = “for Ladies only” (?!?!)
  • the morning bowers/greeters at BIC camera in Kyoto
  • cartoon characters hanging from phones, bags, jacket pockets, pants pockets…
  • ancient hunched over grandmas & grandpas totally kicking our asses on the steps (both up and down) at Fushimi Inari
  • duck ramen in Tokyo at the place Christoph found a “shortcut” to (ha ha ha)
  • the japanese restaurant meal we had in Kyoto where Jackie made our reservation and pre-ordered all our food
  • hmmm, I wonder what this is. fish? tofu? root vegetable?
  • that is one LARGE piece o’ tentacle.
  • “green pea soup”
  • the first ramen restau we went to in Higayashima.
  • teddy bears on benches
  • rachel shutting the taxi door and the uproar it caused
  • japanese set at the Hearton in the morning

Five Things.

Three great pleasures in life: Music, Food, Sex.
-Anthony Bourdain*
Two certainties: Death, Taxes.
-Benjamin Franklin
*Listened to Bourdain’s appearance on the 1/27/08 SoundOpinions podcast while I walked home. Very entertaining. A favorite line (not an exact quote / I’m paraphrasing): you even show the appearance of enjoying Billy Joel’s music in my kitchen and you’re immediately fired.