You people and your creativity.

Just finished A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall which I really loved more and more as it went on and these two interviews (this one and this one) with the author are wildly entertaining, intriguing and informational.

Thanks to NPR’s MonkeySee podcast, just started listening to this British rapper Kate Tempest and started reading about her award-winning poetry and her other work and am just blown away.

Pros, cons; six of one, half a dozen of another.

Things I hate about this year: I’ve been to see/hear very little live music (so far) this year.

Things I love about this year: All the (FOUR) shows I’ve been to were magnificent performances by bands I love.

*Note: I do have tickets to Spoon in September! Or October. Can’t remember which. I have it written down somewhere.

Things I hate about this year: I didn’t see a single movie in April, and wasted my February movie-going energy on Wolf of Wall Street, a completely ridiculous movie with zero redeeming qualities if you ask me.

Things I love about this year: I saw Only Lovers Left Alive and Words and Pictures, two flicks which are still serving my soul with reminders of things I love, things that are important, things to strive for.

Things I hate about this year: It’s somehow so much easier and faster to record having read a book on goodreads than to take the five seconds longer than that to record it here and who knows maybe even a quick review.

Things I love about this year: At least I’m keeping up with goodreads.

First/Multiple Listens: Rhye “Woman”

This is my favorite album I bought yesterday, even though I also bought Beyonce. I love them both but this one? This is anytime, anywhere music. Also there is a serious ’70s vibe to my ear and I just dig dig dig it.

I know everyone else hears Sade when they listen to this. I hear Julia Fordham. AND I LOVE IT.

Another Stephen Thompson recommendation. Geez, that guy.

Fundamental Oppression.

This article really hit home for me, especially the first and last sections.

Artistic expression poses an inherent challenge to fundamentalists because it offers the ultimate manifestation of the temporal and the heterodox. It embodies freedom of thought. Art suggests that mere human beings may also be Creators. As a result, in Muslim majority contexts many artists have faced profound risks for the content of their work, or simply for producing art whatever its content, but they have continued nonetheless.

What’s playing on my iPod, in my head, and in my living room.

Wow I have not written about music on this site in a long long long time. That’s too bad but hey here are some recommendations.

Kishi Bashi “151A” = Super fun and poppy yet has that indie twist to it. Unexpected, yet won’t ever leave your head once you’ve heard it. (I did mention this one back in June if you were here then.)

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “The Heist” = memorable enough just for “Same Love” a fantastic song but honestly most of the rest of the album (I think there’s one song I forward past, just one) is really great as well. Super lyrics, super beats. If you like rap, you need this.

Lord Huron “Lonesome Dreams” = I will be forever and ever grateful to the friend who sent me this. It’s So Good. A little Great Lake Swimmers, a little Band of Horses, a lot of its own special magicness. I really love it.